Microsoft cuts Asia Xbox 360 Price

Now Microsoft has also reduced the price of Xbox by whopping $100…..!!!

The company said in a statement that the price cuts for the Xbox 360 Elite model, which comes with a 120-gigabyte hard drive, will take effect in Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore and Taiwan starting Sept. 10.

The price of the Elite model in Hong Kong will be cut by 28.2% to HK$2,369, while its price in South Koreawill be 14.1% lower at KRW419,000. The price in Singapore will be cut by 26.5% to S$499, while Taiwan will see a 25.9% price reduction to NT$10,360.

The announcement follows Microsoft’s price cuts for the high-end Xbox 360 Elite model and the mid-range Pro model in the U.S. announced Thursday. The price for the Elite there will be cut by $100 to $299.99. The Pro, which comes with a smaller hard drive, will sell for $50 less at $249.99 and will be phased out once the current supplies run out. The cuts take effect Friday.

The price cuts come just days after high-definition game console rival Sony Corp. (SNE) said it would cut the price of its PlayStation 3 console by $100 to $299 as that console has struggled against lower-priced competitors. A slimmer version of the gaming console will debut on Sept. 1.

Bowman said during the interview that the price cut had been planned for some time “as part of economics” the company is seeing in the videogames business.

Microsoft also announced that Facebook and Twitter services will be available to paying Xbox Live subscribers later this year.

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